Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017...

Wow! What an experience this was...and right in our very own back yard! Portland was within the shaded area of totality and to experience the entire thing in person was pretty darn cool. Justin even stayed home from work to experience this so it was a pretty big deal. In order to watch the eclipse we had to order eclipse glasses at our local optical store. All of the neighbors came up to the park with their lawn chairs and food to enjoy this moment together. As the moon covered the sun the sky drew dark, the temperature outside turned cold. and the reverse happened as the moon passed the sun. We all felt pretty lucky to witness this and I hope the kids remember it forever! It definitely makes you wonder and think deeper about our amazing universe and the God that created it all. 
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ryan on Two Wheels...

 Ryan is the new proud rider of this green two wheel bike. I spotted this bike at our local second hand store and I knew I had to bring it home to motivate Ryan to give it a try. He can now cruise around with Zach and Kate, and is pretty excited about it. I wasn't sure we were ever going to get him to part with his balance bikes. I am so proud of him! Now we just need to work on how the brakes work.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Surf Cup 2017!

Zach's soccer team got accepted into the Surf Cup down in San Diego this summer. Justin went with him last year, and I got to go this year, with Preston in tow! Wow, the competition is steep! I am amazed at the talent I watched. I am even more proud that Zach held his own being one of the youngest on the team. I love watching him play and was so grateful to be able to be in San Diego to experience this this tournament with him.

I have a couple friends in Southern California that I haven't seen for a really long time so it was so fun to catch up with them while we had some down time. I saw my old college roomate, from BYU, Katrina, and Amber, who was my best friend in our first married ward at BYU.  She and I have a long history with our husbands, because they also lived in Philadelphia for med school while we were in Philly for dental school. It was so fun to see them. 

Zach had a great time and even scored a goal! It's always nice to attend and play in tournaments like these to get an idea of what's out there. I think these boys left motivated to get working harder on their game!


Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Week in Utah...

 Our big trip this summer was to Utah.  Zach, with his friend Jude, participated in his first soccer camp away from home at BYU so we thought we should tag along, in case something should come up. Plus we have so many friends and family in Utah that we decided it would be fun to visit them all. 

My birthday fell at the beginning of our trip and our best friends from dental school, the Broadbents, had us over for dinner and cake.  It's always fun to see them and spend time with them. We just wish that we didn't live so far away from each other.

We also got to visit with Great Grandpa Van and see Grandma, Grandpa, and Ashlee and Paul and their kids.  We spent the day together at Cowabunga Bay Water Park.  The kids had an absolute blast! I was really impressed with how brave Ryan was. There was not a slide he did not go down. 

We stayed with Jeff and Britt but failed to get a picture with them. After Zach's camp was over me, Preston and Zach headed down to San Diego to attend the Surf Cup.  Justin stayed in Utah for a couple more days with Ryan and Kate. Justin has been reading a lot of books about Prophets past and wanted to go visit the SLC cemetary. He took the kids with them and then went to Temple Sqaure. Ryan has a new obsession with all things Temple, especially Moroni!